Our Team

Casey Spence

Hi, I’m Casey, this is my third year on an FTC team. I was previously on EP Robo Raiders as a builder. I still currently build just on a new team, and also design/cad. I go to school at East Peoria Community High School and I am currently a junior. I mostly just spend time watching youtube, or Netflix. I don’t do much of anything else but robotics and eat.

Parker Spence

Hello, my name is Parker Spence. I currently go to school at East Peoria Community High School. I have been apart of FTC for 3 years now even though Technophobia is a first-year team. That’s because we wanted to make our own team so other kids could join the team we were in previously. For my first two years of FTC I was a programmer; although this year I’m going to be building and I can’t wait. 


Dominic Brooks

Hello, I’m Dominic, this is my second year on a FTC team. I am a programmer for technophobia and really enjoy what I do. Outside of robotics, I enjoy playing chess and learning new computer stuff. I am super excited for this year to begin and hope we do well during the season!

Caleb Alt

Hello! I am Caleb Alt. This is my fourth year in FIRST and my third year in FTC. I am very excited for this season as I plan on being a builder as well as driver. Although this year is the first year for the new team, Technophobia, I have high hopes of making it to state or even past state, as well as the rest of our team.