Technophobia is a three-year old team, founded in the summer of 2018 during the Rover Ruckus season. Originally, there were four members of the team, all juniors in high school. For the following year, many new members were added, including five freshmen, to keep the team alive after the seniors graduate, and to share the knowledge of STEM and FIRST to them.

Throughout the year, the team not only makes a robot to compete in FTC, but also performs numerous forms of outreach both within and outside of the STEM community. This is done in an effort to educate people about FIRST and STEM, and to get more people interested in the organization.

If you are interested in: joining the team, learning about FIRST, or just robotics in general, feel free to contact Technophobia.

Awards & Performance

Freight Frenzy

Ultimate Goal


  • Connect Award at qualifier

  • 2nd runner up for inspire at qualifier

  • Ranked 7th of 27 in regular season in Peoria League

  • Runner up for connect at State Championship

Rover Ruckus

The Members

Zachary Alt

Hi, I am Zachary Alt. I go to school at East Peoria Community High School, and I am a sophomore. This is my second year in FTC. I am a builder and enjoy designing and building the robots that we use in the competitions. This year, I hope to make it to the state competition and maybe even worlds.

Evan Atterberry

Hello, my name is Evan Atterberry, and this is my third year of FTC. I am on the build team, and I am excited to see if we make it to state, or potentially even further. I also want to do whatever I can to help get us there. In addition, I was in FLL for four years, and have been mentoring that team for the past two years.

Thomas Bashusen

Hello, I am Thomas Bashusen. I attend East Peoria Community High School, and I am a junior this year. I am a builder, driver, and strategist for the team. This will be my second year in FTC. This year I hope that we make it to state and can be ranked very highly throughout the season.

Andrew Dallinger-Eaker

Hello, I am Andrew Dallinger-Eaker. This is my 2nd year in FIRST and in FTC. Since last year, I am more experienced with Java and looking forward to what we will accomplish this year.

Matthew Dalllinger-Eaker

Hello, I am Matthew Dallinger-Eaker. This is my 2nd year in FIRST and in FTC and I am part of the programming team. I go to Robein Grade School and I am in 8th grade. I am much more experienced with java this year than I was with my first year, and I can't wait to see what we can do for this season.

Brooklin Heeren

Hi my name is Brooklin Heeren this is my second year on FTC robotics team and I am in 10th grade and I currently go to East Peoria Community High School. I mostly enjoy hanging out with friends and working out and listening to music. I like to play sports. I am currently in best buddies, band, key club, soccer and I dance in Creve Coeur. I am also in Young life and robotics. I like being on the robotics team because I could score keep I am in charge of outreach and planning too. I am also in tennis, girl up, and revive and

The Robots

Hadrian (Robot 1)

This is our first robot that we designed for the 2019-2020 season. This was created as a prototype bot for the first few competitions. By using this robot, we were able to spend most of our time developing our final robot, Hadrian v2. The robots are named Hadrian after one our our sponsors, Fastbrick Robotics (FBR). They designed a bricklaying robot meant to construct buildings. We figured that the stones in Skystone are similar to bricks, and therefore our robot is also a bricklaying robot.

The first robot is capable of a small autonomous (moving the foundation and parking), a strong tele-op (stacking skyscrapers an average of 5-6 stones high), and a reliable end-game (capping the skyscraper, moving the foundation, and parking in the corner). This robot has successfully qualified Technophobia to the state competition, where the second robot will be used.

*More information can be found on the "Robots" page of our website by clicking the tab at the top of the page or the button below.*
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Hadrian v2 (Robot 2)

This robot is the second one that we have designed for the 2019-2020 season. Our first robot was used for ideas and as a test; this robot is taking the best parts of the old design, while implementing new mechanisms as well. This robot has not been competed with yet, as it is being set up for the Illinois State Tournament. It will be capable of moving Skystones in autonomous, stacking skyscrapers up to 13 stones tall in tele-op, and will be able to do everything in endgame. Most of this robot was designed with a CAD software: Autodesk Fusion 360, Tinkercad, and PTC Creo.

*More information can be found on the "Robots" page of our website by clicking the tab at the top of the page or the button below.*

Ring Robot (name pending...)

This is our 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal season robot. This robot can deliver a 71 pt. autonomous. During teleop, it can cycle through an average of about 5 or 6 sets of three rings into the top goal, scoring 90-108 points. In end game, it can shoot down all three power shots, as well as deliver both the wobble goals to the drop zone. The end game score can add up to 85 points, so our potentially highest score (if everything goes right and we get 6 cycles in) is 260 pts. However, the highest we have ever scored is 280 pts.

*More information can be found on the "Robots" page of our website by clicking the tab at the top of the page or the button below.*