Freight Frenzy

2021-2022 season competitions

First Competition

Our first competition, at Quest in Peoria on 11/13/21, went very well. Our robot was capable of placing freight, delivering ducks, and capping the allied shipping hub, and during autonomous, we could place the preloaded cube, deliver a duck, and park in the warehouse. We were penalty-free for the day.

Our best match, with a score of 187, was allied with our friends, Retro Robotics. We worked well together, because they specialize in the shared hub and we prefer the alliance hub. This match is currently the 2nd highest score in Illinois.

We went 5-0-0 and are ranked 1st in our league. We made a list of improvements to make for our 2nd competition and can't wait to compete again!

Second Competition

In the second competition It was at Northwoods mall in Peoria IL. This competition was not our brightest and not an improvement on first comp. Our robot was having arm issues before the comp which we thought we had solved before heading in. The low point of the competition was the run where we got our only loss. We lost by five points and we realized there were bigger problems than we thought. The day ended with us bouncing back from our low score and setting very average scores for the rest of the competition. We were still ranked first in the region in the end and we aim to improve a lot by the third competition.

Third Competition

Our third competition was in Varna, IL. The high score of the day was a 254 which we set with Retro Robotics. That score doesn't tell the whole story of the day though. The day started with our normal pre-competition testing before we packed up and headed on our way to the comp. We noticed that our arm was being highly inconsistent and going to different places almost every time our second driver would press the arm position button. We ended up replacing the motor it just before inspection was finished and had a good competition overall. We tallied no losses in the day and kept our single loss record.

Fourth Competition

We did fantastic on 4th comp at Peoria Manual High School. We got a 292 in our second semifinal match with our partners Retro Robotics which is the new high score in the state at the time of writing. We also broke our previous high score earlier in the day with a 285. We also lost one of the matches in which we got 87 points. Our average on the day was around 200 even with the low score. We ended up advancing to state because we were the winning alliance captain and as an added bonus, we ended up winning the Think Award and getting third in design.

State Championship