First Competition

We entered our first competition with the first robot, in a goal to win most of our matches. With a half-decent autonomous, we were afraid we might not complete our goal. We ended the day with 4 wins and one loss, putting our team in 5th place in the Peoria region.

Second Competition

For the second competition, the sweeper bar we added allowed us to easily pick up stones for stacking. This meant we were able to consistently stack skyscrapers 6 blocks tall. We won all 5 of our matches and ended the competition in 1st place.

Third Competition

This robot did not change from the previous competition at all. Once again, we successfully stacked the skyscrapers 6 stones tall, and won all 5 of our matches. We ended this competition in 1st place.

Qualifying Competition

Unfortunately, the second robot was not ready as planned, and we started the qualifying tournament with the same bot as the 2nd competition. With a shaky start, we ended up with 2 wins and 3 loses. Even with this score, we were picked by Proto Robotics and were set to the semi-finals. We ended this competition in 7th place. We also won the Connect Award, and received 3rd place Inspire Award. With these, we are advancing on to the State Tournament.

Illinois State Tournament

This event has not yet occurred, but we plan on using the new second robot, as 3d modeled on the left. We are focusing on both the robot and for awards.


Check here for updates between competitions!


We worked on our To-Do list, and made a game-plan for the rest of the days before the State Competition


The intake on the second robot is working. We plan on wiring tomorrow, and leaving the rest of the week for autonomous.


Today we went to Central Junior High School at East Peoria, IL to provide more outreach into the community. While there, we had an awesome opportunity to demonstrate FIRST and STEM to the students at the school.