Power Play

2022-2023 season competitions

First Competition

Our first competition, at Dunlap, IL on 11/5/22 went very well.  We were able to score on every junction. Our best score was the former IL state record 163 with Team 14469, HOW, with no penalties. We went undefeated and started the season at 5-0. We were the only team in our region to do so. We are looking to make major changes to the robot after this competition, and expect a big time crunch between now and second competition.

Second Competition

 The second competition, at the Northwoods mall in Peoria, IL.  This competition didn't go according to plan. We had a new lift that was faster than our old lift and less likely to break, but it took too long to install and our autonomous suffered. We ended the competition with a record of 2-3 due to a multitude of factors. We have since learned from our mistakes and plan to give our programmers more time between this and the next competition. We plan to only add a few building accessories and then turn the robot over to our programming team.

Third Competition

Our third competition at Peoria, IL on 1/7/22 went great. We were undefeated through this competition.  Our autonomous was improved with a 3 cone autonomous using a reliable sensor. Our best score was the current IL state record of 242 points with the help of Team 11235, Retro Robotics. We plan on improving our autonomous for the fourth competition.

Fourth Competition 

Our fourth competition in Peoria IL on 2/4/2023 went great.  We went undefeated with 5 wins and zero losses. We had one of the best autonomous in this competition. As the captain of the number two alliance, we selected How and Fast but not Furious to be our teammates in the playoff matches. We got 2nd place for the Control Award, 1st place for the Innovate Award, and were the Captain of the Winning Alliance allowing us to be able to be eligible for state.

State Competition

Our Illinois state competetion in Elgin, IL on 2/26/23 went decent. We had some pretty unlucky matchups to begin with, landing us into 10th place, but during the alliance selection we were chose as a first pick by the Binary Bullets 10101, and the alliance second pick being the Newton Busters 10138. After having been chosen by Binary Bullets, we won match after match after match, actually setting a new state record, being 244 points (without penalties) we ended up qualifying to worlds. We plan on improving our left autonomous for worlds, and implementing a multi-sensor system to help us navigate.