Ultimate Goal

2020-2021 season competitions

First Competition

We entered our first competition with a full head of steam and a certain confidence that filled our heads. We set up for a few practice matches which went well and got rid of any jitters that were left in our drivers. After the jitters were gone and we were settled in we began our real runs. The first run did not go as smoothly as we would have liked, but it was a great start. We went straight through our next matches and both of which went okay, but there was still room for improvement. On our fourth match we set our highest score of 174, even our highest score wasn't the best that we had done and we thought we could do better. However Lady Luck was not on our side and with an autonomous that only guessed on the target goal, we simply could not outscore that run. All in all it was a good first taste of competition and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Our cumulative score added up to 972 points and our top score was 174. We tied for third in the state.

Second Competition

This competition didn’t have the best start. We came in and the shooter was very inconsistent. I couldn’t do much as the builders were trying to fix it. We eventually came to the conclusion that we needed to add another wheel on the shooter. I helped with testing out different speeds for the now powered up shooter. Once we got it working we started competing and we did pretty good with three new high scores all above 180 points .

Third Competition

At this competition, our first two runs were not the best, with our first run scoring under 100 points, and our second run scoring in the 180s. The third run was our first competition run to score over 200, at 213. Our fourth run was perfect, up until when connectivity issues while our robot was moving caused our robot to reach outside the field, and hit the driver station, earning us a major penalty. This ended us up with a score of 237 in spite of the penalty. Our fifth run was going similarly well, but a miscommunication caused both wobble goals to be grabbed at the same time, and both were delivered at the same time, resulting in a major and minor penalty, giving us a total of 242 points. In the middle of our sixth run, an impact with the wall broke our intake, hindering but not stopping us from scoring points, giving us 232 points. This was probably the most eventful competition of the year so far.

The Fourth competition

The Fourth Competition was a pretty generic competition for us. The first match we scored 185 points and the second match we scored 202. Our third match was the most interesting because our Autonomous unintentionally hit two power shots. We also ended up hitting the second wobble goal and it rolled into Box A scoring us points. We ended up with a score of 220. The fourth match we scored 219 and the fifth match scored 223. The sixth match was a best run of the day giving us 243 points. This beat our previous record by a single point. This competition was not as exciting as the last competition but we improved our average with some good runs.

League championship

Our main coach was not able to attend the league championship. Nevertheless, this was our best competition this year. 4 out of 6 of our matches got a new high score. We managed to score 246 on the first match. Our next match we scored 240 points and the third match 244 points. The next match was our worst one this competition but still scored a respectable 237 points. The fifth match was the new best match of the season for us. We ended up scoring 258 points. Our last match we scored 247 points. We are very proud of what we have accomplished this competition and we are moving on to the State competition.


Check here for updates between competitions!


We worked on our To-Do list, and made a game-plan for the rest of the days before the State Competition


The intake on the second robot is working. We plan on wiring tomorrow, and leaving the rest of the week for autonomous.


Today we went to Central Junior High School at East Peoria, IL to provide more outreach into the community. While there, we had an awesome opportunity to demonstrate FIRST and STEM to the students at the school.